Thursday, 23 February 2012

Two Years In Review Video: The HTC Desire Android Smartphone

So the question is, what should I go for next? Android, Iphone, Samsung, Apple?

What do you think?

Thanks, Rob.


  1. Hi Rob,

    I was a desire user and I upgraded to the samsung galaxy S2. I have been blown away by its performance compared to the desire and there is no storage issues... I bought it for $499 australian online (about 40% cheaper than the iphone)


  2. I went for a RAZR from my Desire - the performance is great and you never run out of storage, but there's a lot of HTC benefits I miss like the contacts syncing and all sorts of others you don't realise are HTC until they're gone! I would say the screen size has pros and cons, but on balance I'd rather be using a smaller phone like the Desire where I can reach the whole screen with my thumb. The larger RAZR and SII are lovely, but a pain when using one-handed!

  3. Stay with HTC, I am patiently waiting for the HTC Amaze or what ever European version equivalent comes out considering that 4G has not fully rolled out here.

    My Desire contract is up for renewal in May, so keep us posted on your selection

  4. I enjoyed using my Desire too but my main gripe with it in the end was lack of onboard memory, every time I wanted to try a new app, I'd have to turf out something else and I got to the stage where I was having to remove stuff I still used regularly.

    So I updated to a lovely new Samsung Galaxy Nexus with its 16Gb of space and its smick ICS interface. The camera is way better, full HD video and all. There are some imperfections of course, the lack of an expansion memory slot and some distortion of the sound in video mode come to mind, but I am extremely happy with it so far and have no hesitation recommending it. Apparently there are hacks out there to fix the sound issue, one day I'll explore that when I get the time. If you can access my Google+ you can see the photos and Videos I have taken with it which have automatically uploaded.

  5. I was gearing up to recommend the HTC iOne to everybody, but as they have made the *STUPID* decision to drop both removable storage AND removable battery, I will *NOT* be doing that.

    To be honest I'm seriously thinking about just sticking with the Desire. The memory thing isn't an issue as soon as you root and flash an App2SD++ ROM. I may jump to a Galaxy at some point, but I do like the sense UI and would miss it.

  6. Personally, a 2 year long Desire user, been thinking long and hard and have finally realized that HTC One S is what suits me best.
    I'd like to stay with HTC because of Sense.
    The in-built battery and the lack of memory card slot of One S aren't a problem at all given my life style: I am almost never away from home for longer than 14 hours AND I am not a heavy smartphone user (just don't have that much time :)). Also, I am very much into photography and Ons S's camera is quite comparable to usual point-and-shoots (=amazing for a smartphone).

  7. I am too a long time HTC Desire user.Will I now go for Samsung? What about Samsung Galaxy S III? What do you think guys?