Tuesday, 22 November 2011

HTC Desire App Video Review Catch-Up Time!

Hi all, here's a list of new videos of apps you'll be interested in that I've shot showing off the HTC Desire:

HTC Desire Android Phone to Vignette to Flickr Photography Demo.

Springpad App on The HTC Desire Android Phone.

Squarespace App for Google Android Phones (HTC Desire).

Liveprofile App for Android Phone Review (HTC Desire).

Google Plus App for Android Phones Review (Htc Desire).

Amazon Kindle App For Android Phones (HTC Desire).

Flickr App for Google Android Smart-Phones (HTC Desire).

Thanks, Rob.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Blogger Android App Is Here!

Finally the official blogspot blogger app is available on the Android Marketplace, for free, and I'm using it to write this post.
The app seems a little bare bones at the moment, you can only write text and add images, and I can't see a way to format text, but it does seem stable and easy to use.
So, if you've got a blogger blog, get on over to the market place and download the official app, we've waited long enough!
Cheers, Rob.

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