Tuesday, 14 December 2010

HTC Desire Out Of Memory Solution

Apologies for not posting for awhile, I've just been getting on with using my phone, enjoying the HTC Desire Android experience.

There was however a fly in the ointment - the continuing out of memory error problems. Every other day my HTC Desire would inform me that it was running short of internal memory, and I should manage my applications.

This drove me crazy. I couldn't understand why my phone kept using up its memory when I wasn't adding any more apps or data.

The answer, I think, turns out to be Facebook bloating out my contacts file, I guess with status updates from all my friends. The contacts file was just getting bigger and bigger, pushing out other apps that I didn't really want to get rid of.

To solve the problem I went to the accounts section in the options on my phone, and turned off synching with Facebook. I then went to the manage application settings and cleared the data from my Contacts file. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU SAVE ALL YOUR CONTACTS VIA GOOGLEMAIL, THIS STEP WILL DELETE ALL YOUR CONTACTS DATA PERMANENTLY. Then when I fired up the people app again, my phone downloaded my contacts details from gmail, without adding all the Facebook bloat.

Since I've done this my phone has been running great. I've had no more memory problems and my HTC Desire is running fine.

Have a go at this solution if you're running into Android memory issues, but be very careful that you don't lose any of your contact details.

Cheers, Rob.


  1. Hi Rob,

    What kind of volumes of space are we talking about with the contacts data from FB being removed ?


  2. Followed this and only freed up about 10MB, going from 24MB to 34MB - something else is using all phone's internal storage! I have already moved all apps that can be to SD card

  3. Flash it with a decent ROM :)
    Then use your sdcard to store all apps, apps data and cache(s)

  4. I have just noticed that it was the mail account that was taking up about 50mb of memory on my phone even though the majority of my emails were deleted. I went into applications list, clicked on mail and clear data and this has provided the extra 50mb approx. All I had to do then was input the mail account details again and this seems to have solved the problem.