Thursday, 14 October 2010

Retro Camera App On Android Video Review (HTC Desire Smartphone)

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When it comes to camera apps on Android, the paid version of Vignette is a hard act to follow, but lets take a look at the "Retro Camera" App, by Urbian.

I've got to say that this is a slick looking camera app - very apple-like and a pleasure to use. At its core are five different camera types that will give you very different looks to your photos.

First up is the Barble, an East-German Viewfinder Camera that'll give you photos with low saturation, medium contrast and a square frame. Then there's the Little Orange Box, a Russian plastic-lensed toy camera for a scratchy, cross-processed look.

No Android camera app would be complete without a Polaroid, so next we got the Xolaroid 2000, then the Pinhole for full-bleed shots onto 35mm film.

Rounding up "Retro Camera's" range on offer is the Fudge Can, another low-contrast, scratchy camera that, like all the others, produces moody, lomo type photographs.

Most of the cameras have a black and white option, you can specify a different button to fire the shutter, and the application can geotag your images if you so wish.

Using the app is a little tricky - your viewfinder is a small square in the centre of your screen, and you have to wait a few seconds for you photo's to be "processed", but the app does have enough options to keep you shooting and playing around.

However, I won't be using this version of Retro Camera simply because it doesn't work with the full native resolution of my phone, the HTC Desire. You can set it to "Hi-Res", but even then you're getting cut-down images. If my phone can shoot 5 megapixel photographs, why can't this app?

You also can't import photos you've already taken and work on them using the programs algorithms, another short-coming that could be easily fixed.

So, until they update "Retro Camera" so that it works with the full quality of the camera in my phone, I'll be sticking with the paid version of Vignette, which works at full resolution, and allows you to import photographs rather than just take them.

If you're into just taking smaller photos, this app is ok and fun to use, otherwise stick with the native camera app and use Vignette for editing.

Thanks, Rob.

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  1. I like the fun of retro camera, you never know what you'll get. It's a challenge to get a great photo but they come along. I've made a blog for them. check it out.

  2. I can't get it to upload pics to facebook, or to share by email! any tips?