Saturday, 16 October 2010

In The UK T-Mobile And Orange Let You Share Their Coverage... Sort Of

I don't know about everyone else, but the T-Mobile Network Coverage near where we live can sometimes be a bit sketchy. The good news is that T-Mobile and Orange have teamed up in the UK to share their networks.

The bad news is that for Android users there's a few "quirks":

(Text from T-Mobiles Website)

Android phones are automatically set up not to allow 'Data roaming', so when you're using the Orange network:

  • You won't be able to send or receive picture messages or browse the internet.
  • You might get a message that says, 'You have lost data connectivity'.
  • If you receive a picture message or activate an internet page, you might get a warning message, 'Generic network failure' or 'Unknown error'.
  • You might see the 'roaming' icon (a triangle) whenever you're using an Orange signal.
  • You might see a message 'Allow data roaming? You may incur significant charges!' each time your phone picks up an Orange signal.
  • When you pick up an Orange signal your phone will ask you: 'Allow data roaming?'
  • What to do: Enable 'Data roaming' on your phone, but remember to disable it if you leave the UK to avoid charges
  • What to do: As soon as a fix is available to resolve this quirk we'll update our Help & Support site, so please check that in the future.
I'll give it a go and see what happens. My main issue with T-Mobile is that lack of 3G coverage, but at least this link-up with Orange is a start. 

If you're a UK T-Mobile Customer, you can sign up here.

Cheers, Rob.

(Thanks to Matthew Clarke for the heads-up on this one.)

What Do You Think?

What's the network coverage like from your Phone provider? Does a slow internet connection drive you crazy? Or perhaps you want to rave about your network? Please share your comments below!

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