Saturday, 9 October 2010

Google Android 2.2 Fro-Yo Update Video On The HTC Desire (UK T-Mobile)

(If you can't see the video, please click here.)

Well, it has been a long wait for the Google Android 2.2 Update if you've got a HTC Desire on T-Mobile in the UK, but it's finally here, so is it worth the hype? The answer has to be yes, with a big BUT!

Android 2.2, or Fro-Yo as it is more commonly called, is a major system update. As you see in the video, it adds several great new features:

1)The ability to install apps onto the SD memory card of the phone rather than the internal memory - no more "memory short" warnings!

2) Apps can now update themselves automatically.

3) Improved speed and performance.

4) Chrome to phone, and other cross-platforms features. You can send bookmarks straight from your desktop browser to the phone, and expect similar things, like maps and directions, soon.

5) Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. You can now use your Android 2.2 enabled device to tether to something else, like a lap-top, ipod touch, etc - and share the phones internet connection. Perfect for long journeys in the car!

6) A few new apps, that will probably depend on your phone-service provider.

BUT, as you can see in the Video, there is a bug in the Browser. Whenever I look at the BBC News site, the Android Browser crashes. What a pain! I may have to try Opera, or another one of the third party browser offerings if this bug isn't fixed soon. Under 2.1 my phone never crashed once!

I'm not saying don't update - just be aware that if your browser keeps crashing, switch on the "mobile sites" option in the settings, or try a different browser. Come on Google, send us 2.2.1!

Cheers, Rob.

What Have Your Experiences Been?

Have you updated to 2.2? Are you getting crashes, or is it my phone / provider combination? Do you a different browser to the stock, pre-installed one, and are they any good? Please add your comments and thoughts below!


  1. thanks for the video. im waiting for froyo update to be released here in australia. should be any day now! need apps2sd the most!

  2. Ive had the update for a while now and its been fine so far. Sorry you're having problems :(
    Here is a link to the forums in case they can be of help.

  3. I have a similar problem, but not sure if its the Froyo update or a Google maps update that came soon after...But everytime I go onto Google Maps or Google Earth, it works ok, then when you go back out and then back in it comes up cant locate server, and stays like this till you turn it off and restart it...I can surf the web fine, until i go to Maps or Earth and then if i go to web, it comes up with same thing

  4. Hi Everybody,

    Great comments - it's good to see that my problem is probably due to a clash of apps, a bug in a separate app, or another issue, rather than the system update itself.

    I'll check out the fourms and tell you if I come up with a solution...

    Thanks again, Rob.

  5. A BIG problem with the Froyo OS is that a lot of Desire phones CANNOT connect to wifi and public hotspots anymore (just google the problem), which - for a smartphone - is kind of a big deal. HTC is not aware and is of no help. You haven't experienced this??

  6. I'll have a go at connecting to another wi-fi hotspot when I get the chance - and report back!

    Thanks, Rob.

  7. Hi, im also on t-mobile but i cant update my htc to android 2.2. Whenever i update from the settings menu it just says that no updates are available and when i call t-mob cust service they just take me to the htc site but then are supprised that the update is not available there. Has anyone else have any similar problems. How did you guys update ur devices.

    Thanks in advance ppl.

  8. Hi,

    Check the phone to make sure it hasn't already got 2.2 - "Menu, Settings, Software Information." Then I'd turn the phone off and on see what happens.

    Thanks, Rob.