Friday, 16 July 2010

Vignette Photography App (Full Version) On The Android HTC Desire Smart Phone

The best Android Photography App that I've used. Working with full-resolution images from my HTC Desire, there are dozens of cool effects and frames to play around with, and I've found that the best results can be had if you use your Phones built-in Camera App, then import the images to Vignette.

Play around with the demo version, then make sure you pay the few bucks for the full version, it's well worth it.

Thanks, Rob.


  1. Rob

    I noticed that when you fired up the normal HTC camera you then pressed the 'Home' button again to give you some Vignette camera options. When I press the 'Home' button in the camera menu it takes me straight back to the home screen. Am I doing something wrong or do you have some kind of spcial app already attached that I dont realise, or am I just being really dumb.

    Thank you

    Damo :)

  2. Hi Damo,

    If you press and hold the "Home" button, the last six apps you've used pop up, then you can just select the one you want rather than having to scroll around the home screen.

    Thanks, Rob.

  3. Hi Rob.

    Excellent post going on there. I am planning to buy the Desire this week. I just came across a Samsung Galaxy today and that got me all confused. My questions are,
    1. How does the Desire score over Galaxy
    2. 50 SMSs, 40 Calls (avg. 5 mins) and little bit of browsing --- How many hours of battery life could I expect?
    3. What should I buy? - Desire or Galaxy S

  4. 1) I've never used a Galaxy, so I don't know.

    2) Take a charger, you'll need it!

    3) Go for the best deal!

    Cheers, Rob.

  5. Rob,

    I'm badly in need of your help.. I bought a Desire two months back.. It was working fine till a few weeks back.. I didn't use it for last two weeks and when I switched it ON two days back, everything went fine till the logo and it got stopped right there.. From there on it just vibrates with a time gap and nothing happens.. I need to take the battery out to switch it off.. Please helpppppp..

  6. Hi Rob
    I was wondering if you are having the same problems that I am.
    I have just brought my Desire and I love it but I can’t see the screen hardly at all in daylight, not sunlight but just ordinary daylight, not enough to even properly compose a photo. Also When I load up the gallery, the pictures look very slightly blurred until I pinch them to make them bigger or smaller. It’s not much but they are very slitly out of focus on the camera screen.
    Is it me or anyone else having problem this to?

  7. Hi,

    It is hard to see the screen in daylight, making taking photos on sunny days very hit and miss.

    Try waiting a second or two when you're looking at photos in the Gallery. The phone keeps them lo-res until it's sure you're not going to slide them around.

    Cheers, Rob.

  8. Hey I wasn't aware you could import and edit pics from the built-inn camera app into Vignette! That is really cool, because I found it rather difficult to pick and choose a special effect I liked before taking the shot - much easier to edit it afterwards. Thanks Rob.