Friday, 16 July 2010

Vignette Photography App (Full Version) On The Android HTC Desire Smart Phone

The best Android Photography App that I've used. Working with full-resolution images from my HTC Desire, there are dozens of cool effects and frames to play around with, and I've found that the best results can be had if you use your Phones built-in Camera App, then import the images to Vignette.

Play around with the demo version, then make sure you pay the few bucks for the full version, it's well worth it.

Thanks, Rob.

Ebay App On Android (HTC Desire Mobile Phone)

With the small screens on Smart-Phones, browsing your favourite sites can be a frustrating experience. The web-browser on the HTC Desire is excellent, and renders the desktop versions of almost all sites perfectly, but you've still got to scroll around and pinch and zoom to see all the content.

Large, popular websites will have a mobile version, but this is often optimised for lower-powered and lower-resolution devices, so you end up losing a lot of the functionality of the website. An answer to this is a downloadable app that is tailored to the small screens of Android phones, giving you all the popular features of the particular website.

This eBay app is a great example. You can search the listings, bid, watch, check "My eBay", and even search by talking to your phone...

The ebay Android application is available free from the Android Marketplace, does what it's meant to, and works very well. Recommended!

Thanks, Rob.