Thursday, 3 June 2010

Froyo Update Is Coming!

As you are aware by now, I'm no Google insider, so most of the posts and videos you'll see on this site aren't exactly new.

However, I thought it would be useful to list some of the features coming in the Android 2.2 Froyo update, which should be coming later this month to the HTC Desire.

Speed. Expect your android phone to be at least twice as fast...Tethering. The Desire should be able to turn itself into a wireless hotspot, but I'd look out for extra data charges from the mobile phone operators.

A faster browser. You'll also be able to install apps to the SD memory card in your phone, which will be a brilliant update, and end the low memory misery of the current OS when you install too many apps.

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Cheers, Rob.


  1. I just can't wait any longer...
    I think the best update will be the ability to install apps in the SD Card!
    Great news thank

  2. Hi Rob, noob Desire user here, will the 2.2 update happen via an automatic update system requiring user confirmation or do we need to visit the market for notification to occur?

  3. As an early adopter to android , i am used to taking update news with a pinch of salt . Hence my decision to go with the x10 which runs 1.6 .the update looks promising . Lol even tho i have to wait till august for 2.1 ! ! !

  4. Hi everybody,

    The update should happen automatically, you'll get a message in the notifications bar, and then the phone will re-boot and do its thing.

    Lots of sites are raving about this update, I can't wait either!

    Cheers, Rob

  5. Best thing has to be flash 10.1!!!!!!!!

  6. The desire already is natively capable of wireless tethering, just look under the settings, no need for the froyo update for wireless tethering. Nexus 1 needs froyo for tethering though. But there are enough apps on CNET website for wireless tethering without needing to root the device or the need for froyo to do that. But froyo will be welcome for the ability to install to SD card as the no memory notifications are doing my head in.

  7. Well done Rob! Im waiting on my phone coming should be tomorrow or monday and glad i chose it. I was im sorry to say seconds from buying the new iphone 4... then I heard a voice ( or maybe it was someone else in the apple boardroom trying to hold his laugh in at another fool about to part with the money...) ive used nokia's before and this is my first venture into this android thingy I'll learn and it will take time and thanks to your instuction and tips ill get there faster. Can you tell me please is there an HTC siute similar to the nokia pc one,or, is there any use for one? Cheers, Jimmy.

  8. Hi Jimmy,

    I'm not sure what the Nokia Suite did, but I don't think the Desire needs any pc-side software.

    Thanks, Rob.