Thursday, 27 May 2010

Free Audio Books With Your Library Card and The Overdrive App On The Android HTC Desire

I've always thought about becoming an Audible subscriber, you know, the service where for a few bucks a month you get an audio-book to download and own. The problem is that although I have a longish commute (45 mins each way), I do listen to a lot of podcasts, so I didn't think that small investment was worth it to join Audible.

With Overdrive and my library card, I don't need to. Hampshire County Council's online library site offers free downloadable audio books and e-books - using the Overdrive App to manage the audio media.

Obviously you've got to live in Hampshire in the UK for this particular service, but I bet that if you visit your local library and have a chat with the librarians you'll find that your areas library offer a similar system.

I'll warn you about one thing that will drive you crazy, and seem insane. There's only a certain number of copies of each electronic Audio-book at each library, so just like with normal books, you have to reserve the most popular titles and wait your turn!

This is all to do with the licensing of the titles - the publishing industry must force libraries to manage electronic media just like paper books, and it does seem crazy, and you can understand why piracy is so rife with these archaic practices.

Anyway, join your local library, get Overdrive from the Android Marketplace, and enjoy some free audio books!

Cheers, Rob.

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