Friday, 14 May 2010

Desktop Version Of Google Calendar On HTC Desire Android Smartphone

The built-in Calendar app on the HTC Desire is ok, but I have a few issues with it - mainly that I can't get other Calendars (that I can see in the desktop browser version) to show up. So I thought I'd see if the desktop version of Google Calendar would work on the Desire's Internet Browser, and it does!

You've got to do a lot of zooming and scrolling, but it is workable, and it's great having all your tasks and appointments on the same screen.

Now Google, if the full version of Calendar works on Android, can we have a fully working version of Google Docs PLEASE!!!!

Cheers, Rob.


  1. Hi Rob,

    Just wondering how you created the link on your homepage? I've added Google Calendar as a bookmark but it doesn't look like that's how you did it on the video.

    Also, now that i've clicked on the desktop version it won't let me load the page in my normal browser any more... :s

    Any tips?



  2. Hi Mick,

    I bookmarked the desktop version in the internet browser, then added that bookmark to my home-screen.

    To go back to loading the mobile version, don't use the bookmark we just created, instead do a Google Search for "Google Calendar", click on the link, and you'll be at the mobile site. Then bookmark this page instead.

    Cheers, Rob.

  3. I'm getting a Desire this week and want a calendar that will sync with my PC or ical on the mac. Any suggestions?


  4. Hi Melvyn,

    I think the built-in app syncs with most desktop clients - it'd be worth investigating a little more though.

    Cheers, Rob.

  5. Hi Rob

    I am thinking of switching from iPhone to android because of the integration of Google Cal, and the rest of Googles ecosystem. I was expecting the calendar to work on the native android app (since that is Google as well) but you say at the beginning that it doesn't read all your calendars. Well that is the same problem I am having with iPhone. Can you shed any further light on this?

    Thanks, Dai

  6. The problem with HTC calendar and Google Too is that it doesn't show actual task. it only shows future.
    For example "birthday" is shown until yesterday, but it disappear exactly on the day it is truly needed to remind you !!!!! how can be that way ?

  7. I don'r like htc or google calendars cos I want one like on my old O2 wthat lets me add recurring events over particular time periods & change them & still keep a record. Any suggestions where I can find one?