Monday, 3 May 2010

5 Reasons Why Android Will Take Over The World

Picture the scene in two years time. Mobile / Cell phones running the Android operating system will be the most popular mobile device bar none. You'll see people on busses, trains, planes, and in coffee shops using their beautiful Android tablets - a larger version of the phone, for an even better browsing and creative experience.

People will still be using iPhones, and a few die-hards will be hanging onto their Blackberries, but Googles Android will be dominant.

So what's the thinking behind my prediction?

1) I love my HTC Desire! Android is a good mobile / cell phone operating system already. In some ways its better than the iPhone and in others it has some catching up to do. The point of difference that Apple used to have is gone - Android is very easy to use, very powerful and looks so cool!

2) Anyone can make an Android phone. Pretty soon all the major phone manufacturers will have at least one phone in their lineup. The pace of change is astounding, it seems like a new, better phone is coming out every other month. This competition between different manufacturers will make Android better, faster and....

3) Cheaper! Apple is well known for keeping its prices high by trickling in improvements and by offering what they see as a premium product. With Android, prices are crashing already, as long as you pay at least thirty pounds you can get any of the latest Android phones for free. (Two year contracts).

4) Google! The search engine giant knows that the easiest way for it to make more money is for more people to be using the Internet for longer. So you can expect Android to become even more well integrated with the web, and faster. Now that Apple have categorically said that they will never support Flash on their mobile devices I also expect Adobe to wade in with some amazing features that you'll only experience on Android.

5) The Android Tablets are coming! Ok, ok, the iPad may be cool enough and seem like the best thing since the Psion 5, but trust me, when we see cheaper Android versions they'll be consigned to the Apple fan-boys and people with more money than sense. Expect built-in cameras, mics, memory card slots, gps, USB, true multi tasking, and so much more.

So there you have my predictions and reasoning behind them - give it two years and we'll all have gone Android!

Cheers, Rob.


  1. Hi Rob, i totally agree, seeing how many different manufacturers are feleasing Android phones it's only matter of time before the iphone is a ousted. I also wanted to say that I like your blog and your posts are very insightful. Your videos have been more helpful than most Desire reviews out there. I am getting a Desire here in Poland and want to use it for mobile content creation much like you have. Cheers.

  2. I sell phones around uni.

    Everybody that asks me about iPhones I tell them to get the Desire; it's better in every way except the App store, and that will change in the next 12 months.

    My recent taxi driver was astounded that I sold my iPhone for something else. Even more so that I'd been on a 3 hour round trip to get it.

    Luckily because of my job I sold my 3GS for £385 and bought a Desire debranded for £262 new. Finding a store with stock was the only difficult part.

  3. Hi Guys!

    Yep, Android will go from strength to strength, and I should have mentioned that I wrote and uploaded the above article with Blogaway. (I did the image on my phone with Picsay).

    Cheers, Rob.

  4. Hey Lee,

    Were did u managed to get the disire for £262?