Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Voice to text on the h t c desire android phone

I have just installed a application that allows me to talk into my phone rather than type.

So i am speaking this blog post rather than having to type it. I just open any application them press the new microphone button on the keyboard and talk instead of type.

It seems to work rather well but i do  have to edit some mistakes.

This is a feature that comes as standard on the google nexus 1 but has to be installed as an extra on the desire.

Its amazing on such a very small device that you can have a quite accurate dictation application without having to train it.

You could use this for text messages 4 tweets or blog posts or anything where you would normally type, you just speak instead.

I have added the punctuation after using the keyboard.

I will put the link for further instructions in a comment post after this.

This is amazing!

Thanks rob!


  1. Here's the link:


    Cheers, Rob.

  2. Hello,
    How did you speak the blog post, as all I can seem to do is search google using voice - although that is impressive in itself!

  3. cheers for this Rob,

    same question, i dont see the mic icon anywhere except the search bar on my desire. did you do anything different to allow you to voice input elsewhere?

  4. Thanks for the tips again Desire User - really welcome advice. I found the voice to text instructions on the Nimbu blog at http://nimbu.amorvi.com/2010/04/add-full-voice-to-text-to-htc-desire/. Excellent stuff and the envy of my friends! Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for the comments guys!

  6. http://nimbu.amorvi.com/2010/04/add-full-voice-to-text-to-htc-desire/. Thanks works a treat

  7. Thanks so much. I had used the voice for google search, but adding the Mic icon to the keyboard lets you use voice for much more.
    And it works well, even managing to convert my Scottish accent into readable text!


  8. Hello, I wonder can anyone help with this - if i pause for too long when dictating text the voice dictation writes over the previously dictated text. the only way of stopping this is to click 'done' to shut down the voice dictation and then click on the microphone symbol to start it up again and continue dictating from where i left off. Help!
    thanks, Ger