Friday, 30 April 2010

The Photo App On The HTC Desire Google Android Smartphone

Here's a slideshow of photo's I've taken with my HTC Desire - it does include some taken with third party photo apps like CameraFX. Click on the play icon, then the arrows in the bottom right of the box to make it full screen.

I like the camera in the Desire. It's prone to lens-flare, the type where you lose overall contrast, but it's more than acceptable in a phone. What we really need is an update where we can rotate our photographs in small increments, and be able to do post processing (on the phone) with full resolution images.

Thanks, Rob.

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  1. What lovely compositions! I have to tell you, these photos definitely helped sway my decision to finally buy a Desire (it's on its way from Australia as I write this). Thank you for making-- and maintaining-- this site. (: