Thursday, 1 April 2010

My T-Mobile HTC Desire Android Phone Arrived Today!

I was working in the garden this morning, putting up a wooden Gazebo, but my mind was on whether my new mobile phone would really come today. To say I was excited would be an understatement - this is my most anticipated gadget since my Canon 350d / Rebel XT of last year.

At about ten o'clock there was a knock at the front door. I downed tools I rushed to open it - the Postman with a package! Unfortunately it was some printer cartridges I'd ordered a few days earlier, so it was back to the Gazebo...

Just as I was drilling the holes in our concrete hard-standing to secure the foot-plates for the Gazebo, there was another knock at the door. This time it was Fedex, with a signed-for delivery. My phone!

Oliver (my son) and I rushed into the dinning room and open the packet, carefully laying out the phone, battery, SIM card, USB cable, hands-free kit and instructions. After loading in the SIM and the battery, we left it to charge for a couple of hours while I finished off my work in the Garden.

After lunch we fired up the phone, going through the set-up process. This was a bit traumatic as I couldn't remember my gmail password, but after a bit of thinking the phone was set up and we were good to go. T-Mobile have this handy (not!) feature of Content Block which stops minors accessing potentially rude sites (like Flickr and Facebook), but a quick call to T-Mobiles customer care line and it was switched off. After about twenty minutes the whole of the internet was open to us!!!

Oliver proceeded to use the Android Marketplace to download games, and that's pretty much what we've been doing this afternoon. I'll set up all my Social Networking stuff this evening, and then I'll see what the HTC Desire is really capable of.

First impressions are amazing. The OLED screen is bright and clear, the internet seems fast enough and websites are easy to navigate by dragging your finger around the screen and "pinching" to zoom in and out. I had a quick look at some youtube vids, and they streamed fast and clear.

My love goes to my darling Wife Suzanne who bought this phone for me as a gift for giving up smoking (I'm in my third day), this site is dedicated to you!

Cheers, Rob.

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