Friday, 30 April 2010

Installing Apps On The HTC Desire Google Android Smart-Phone

As you can see, it's really simple to install applications via the Android Marketplace (which is a link pre-installed on the phone.)

Just click on the little Android Icon, then browse through the various categories to find the app you'd like to try out, and your phone will download it via 3g or wi-fi, then install it automatically.

It doesn't end with the Android Marketplace. Go into the settings, applications, and untick the "unknown sources" box, and you'll be able to download programmes from other sources and install them on your phone. (Unlike the iPhone / ipod Touch where you have to jail-break your phone to do this).

All we need now is an update to the Android Operating System to let us install apps on the SD card so we're not limited to the phones RAM.

Cheers, Rob.


  1. Thanks for that. In the end you mention briefly the "unknown sources" tick box. But no info on how to then install applications from the SD card. This seems to be more difficult than using the marketplace.

  2. I have just installed app on my Android, thank you for this install video guide.

  3. If someone is looking at this 'how to', it's fair to assume they that have little or no knowledge about smartphones, apps and how to install them.
    As with many tech instructions, this 'how to' fails right at the beginning by assuming certain knowledge.
    "...and I've got a little link down here..."
    Wouldn't it be a good idea to explain how to get the "little link down here"?